Freight Transportation

  • Hellenic Train offers domestic and international freight transportation services – with regular wagons or containers (multimodal transportation), carried either on individual wagons or in block trains.


  • The company can carry all types of freight allowed to be transferred by rail (bulk, scrap, fuel - reliably, promptly and safely, on a daily basis, in Greece and abroad).


  • A number of domestic destinations are being served, whereas there is also the possibility to carry freight to client facilities, through a branch line connected to the main railroad and logistics centers.


  • Since December of 2013 Hellenic Train, has been offering a service of container transportation (Intermodal Cargo Shuttle - ICS), with a regular daily trip from Athens (Thriasio) to Thessaloniki / Sindos and back. ICS also serves multimodal transportation needs from the Port of Thessaloniki and the Port of New Ikonio. The service is being provided at convenient hours and a price that enables the railway to work complementarily to existing transportation and logistics companies.