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Risk Management Analyst

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Job Title:

Risk Management Analyst

Organizational structure:

Risk Officer team

Reporting Line:

Risk Officer

Job Terms:  Full time, indefinite contract

Full time, indefinite contract

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Job Description



Contribute to the adequate performance of all tasks and responsibilities of the Risk Management department. The tasks required the facilitation of the process for identifying, assessing, and analyzing risks, and ensure that executives and other key players have the information they need to make risk-informed decisions. The position requires risk expertise, but also audit background will be considered as an asset.

Major Accountabilities:

• Monitoring of registration and lifecycle of any issue raised from risk management activities and coordinating the closing in accordance to the defined deadline.

• Support the timely collection, monitoring and reporting of enterprise incidents and losses.

• Support the timely implementation and revision of the corporate policies and processes when appropriate and ensure the annual review of all the risk management ones.

• Assist the drafting of the risk reports for the Top management. Inform timely the top management on any matter related to the governance framework and the management of enterprise risk.

• Assist and advise the top management in the definition the Company’s Risk indicators and Risk Appetite.

•Support the monitoring of the Key Risk Indicators against the risk appetite set. Ensure proper mitigation in case of any breaching the tolerance limits.

•Conduct awareness trainings in those areas that are considered risk significant.

•Develop and share knowledge relevant to his/her own field with the team of internal audit in order to support relevant audit missions.


• BSc required in Mathematics/ Business management/ Statistics/Finance/Economics or in another related field

• MSc in Risk Management will be considered as a plus

• 1-year experience at least in audit and advisory projects will be considered as a plus

• Experience in testing controls in accordance with international standards is a plus

• Excellent knowledge of English language (additional languages are welcome)

• Excellent knowledge of MS Office

• Any knowledge and experience on the Greek or international railway regulatory framework will be considered as a plus

• Advanced communication & presentation skills


1-3 years of relevant working experience


• Results of the performed tasks are presented and discussed with:

• 1st level managers   

• Internal audit


Expresses opinion and leads conversations on the related stakeholder level. The majority of the activities are carried out independently with the guidance of the Risk Officer.


• Collaboration

• Self – development

• Ensures accountability

• Balances stakeholders

• Manages conflict

• Situational adaptability

• Courage


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