Passenger luggage / Transport of small, unaccompanied packages

Hellenic Train provides luggage transport services, allowing you to travel comfortably and safely.


Registered luggage

The fee for registered luggage is € 5 per 2 pieces of luggage with a total weight of up to 40 kg (per passenger). If the luggage per passenger exceeds 2 pieces or 40 kg the passenger is obliged to pay the corresponding multiple fare.


The items that are accepted as registered  luggage are: items packed in boxes, cartons, suitcases, travel bags or other similar packaging, as well as packaging itself.

The item accepted as registered luggage, even without packaging, are: baby strollers, bikes.

Bikes with a backup engine and motorcycles are not accepted.

The packaging and size of the boxes submitted for check-in as registered luggage should allow quick loading and placement on the train.

Each passenger must state legibly his/her name and postal address on every piece of luggage and on a clearly visible spot. Hellenic Train reserves the right to decline check-in for any items poorly or inadequately packaged or with visible signs of damage.

Passengers may also request their luggage to be registered to any station located in the same route, up to the final destination which is specified on their ticket.


The luggages to be transferred should be delivered either to luggage services of Athens and Thessaloniki stations or the ticket offices (during opening hours), or the train personnel (only at the stations that a ticket office does not operate or when the departure is during the closing hours of the ticket office).

The registered luggages are delivered to the final destination of the passenger, by the luggage services of Athens and Thessaloniki stations and by the ticket office of Larissa Railway Station. In all other stations of the railways network, registered luggages are delivered by the train personnel- from the first class wagon– upon the arrival of the train at the final destination of the passenger.

For any luggage checked-in on-board,  passenger is requested to pay 5€ per piece of luggage as an additional fee, if the departure station provides luggage services.

This additional fee is not collected when the departure station does not provide luggage services. However, passengers, after their embarkation, should deliver their luggage to the Hellenic Train personnel, in order to be stored in the specially designated areas, paying the standard check-in fee for the registered luggage.

Delivery of registered luggage takes place up to 25 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

Registered luggage services are provided  on the itineraries Athens- Thessaloniki-Athens:

  • ​IC 50

  • IC 52

  • IC 55

  • IC 57

Hand Luggage

According to the provisions of the Railway Transport Regulation, passengers may carry, free of charge, any portable items intended for personal use during the trip. Those items are classified as hand luggage.

Hand luggage is accepted, provided that its transport complies with the applicable provisions of Customs or of other Administrative Authorities and as long as, by nature, shape and dimensions it will neither cause damage to the train or other passengers’ luggage, nor interfere with the comfort of other passengers or  anyone on board the train.

Hand luggage may only be placed in the space above or below the seat of the passenger within the train compartment. No other space may be used for hand luggage storage.  Any hand luggage that cannot be stored in the designated space should be checked-in and transported in accordance to the applicable provisions for registered luggage.

Passengers are responsible for their hand luggage. Hellenic Train shall bear no liability for any loss or damage of hand luggage, unless the loss or damage arises through fault of the company.

Passengers are liable for any damage caused to the train or to any third party by their hand luggage, unless the damage arises through fault of the company.

Luggage Loss or Damage Compensation

  • If the amount of the loss cannot be proven, the passenger will receive the sum of 80€ (eighty Euro) per piece of luggage lost.
  • In case of damage, the beneficiary will receive the amount of 40€ (forty Euro) per piece of damaged luggage.
  • In addition to the compensation above, the passenger is entitled to a refund of the check-in price as well as any other fee, relating to the transport.


In order to claim the Loss or Damage compensation, passengers should submit a written claim to Hellenic Train.

Luggage offices: Athens: 2130 121 552 & Thessaloniki: 2130 121 522, 8:00-20:00 daily


Transport of unaccompanied small packages

Hellenic Train provides unaccompanied small parcel service from Athens to Thessaloniki and vice versa in the IC trains: IC50, IC52, IC55, IC57

The packages that are accepted are of maximum dimensions 40cm * 40cm * 40cm and weigh up to 20 kg.


Weight (Kg)

Price (including VAT)

0-6 €5
6-12 €10
12-20 €15