Eurail / Interrail

                                                                                                      The best way to explore Europe


Eurail and Interrail  passes offer unlimited train travel to 33 European countries and more than 30,000 destinations.

Eurail passes can be used by non-European residents/citizens and Interrail passes can be used by European citizens and non-Europeans who are official legal residents of European countries.

Eurail and Interrail pass holders  have preferential prices on ferries,  museums, hotels and more, in the countries they visit.


Traveller categories: adult (full price), youth (age 27 or younger), child until 11 years old (up to 2 children per an adult passenger can travel for free), seniors (more than 60 years old).


Travellers can  issue their passes  at the  Railway Stations in Athens (Larissa Station), Thessaloniki and  Patras.

Eurail and Interrail pass holders are exempted from paying supplements for traveling on the network of Hellenic Train. Tickets for traveling on HELLENIC TRAIN'  trains with obligatory seat reservation or by bus are issued at local stations.


Enjoy the nature's beaty  and get familiar with the culture of Greece choising one of the following One Country Pass:


  • Eurail Greece Pass
  • Interrail Greece Pass
  • Eurail Greek Island pass  (6 or 4 days)
  • Interrail Greek Island pass  (6 or 4 days)


The 6-day Greek Island Pass pass includes 4 days of travel to the Greek islands and 2 days of travel between Greece and Italy in a month of the start day. It also includes the free transfer from the port of Patras to the port of Piraeus (and vice versa) by bus/suburban railway of Hellenic Train.

The 4-day Greek Island Pass pass includes 4 days of travel to the Greek islands in a month of the start day.


Greek Island passes address also to onwers of Greek Identity Card or Greek passport or permanent resident permition in Greece issued by Greek Official Authorities.