Freight Transportation

The FSI group, with more than 75,000 employees and intense activity in other European countries, both in the passenger and freight sectors, creates new prospects for dynamic growth for Hellenic Train, while offering new opportunities for further upward development in the branch of the supply chain / logistics in Greece.

Hellenic Train, as part of a new business model of action, acquires the opportunity to develop new integrated freight services, which will make the most of rail transport, strengthening its competitiveness and position in the domestic transport market, constituting it a major provider of rail transport to / from SE Europe.

The completion of the new projects' construction and the redevelopment of the old railway lines, the completion of the electrification on the main railway axis of Athens-Thessaloniki, the upgrade of the towing & towed rolling stock, as well as the expansion of the possibilities to new human resources in key areas, allow Hellenic Train to improve the quality of the services to its customers and expand its field of action.

In this context, Hellenic Train is going to expand its services in the field of transportation and logistics, in cooperation with reliable partners, ensuring the operation of a state-of-the-art storage center and mixed transport distribution in the wider area of Thriasio Pedio.

Εμπορευματικές Μεταφορές

In the field of freight transport by rail, Hellenic Train ensures the transport of any kind of cargo with safety, reliability, competitive fares and friendly service to its customers. In order to better serve you, Hellenic Train provides you with a range of services, with individual wagons or full trains, to optimally secure the transport of your goods.

The services offered by Hellenic Train to its customers are not limited to freight transport in Greece. In cooperation with other European railway undertakings, we are able to serve your every need in the transport of goods to / from European countries, as well as to / from the countries of the Near East, but also the transit transports through our country.

With emphasis on combined transport, taking place in a combination of seaways and railways, thanks to strategic agreements with the main ports of maritime cargo entry and exit, as well as in cooperation with major transporters serving the global and large industrial companies, Hellenic Train contributes crucially to the transformation of Greece into a dynamic and modern transit center of SE Europe.

Services Offered

Freight transport by combined (intermodal) transport (UTI) units

With the freight service of combined (intermodal) transport units, you have the opportunity to transport your goods in containers to Greece and abroad.

The existing railway connection with the Port of Thessaloniki, as well as the new railway connection with the Port of Neo Ikonio contribute to the better service of combined transport to and from the mainland and the service of transit transport through Greece.

In particular, combined transports are provided to / from the Port of Neo Ikonio as well as the Port of Thessaloniki, to / from Central European countries (Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany) as well as the Balkan countries (FYROM, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania).

Hellenic Train also provides combined transfers from / to the Terminals in Thriasio and Trigono, Thessaloniki. In addition, combined transport is provided by the Hellenic Train to / from private railway Terminals, such as the Terminals in Sindos and Inoi.

Εμπορευματικές Μεταφορές

Advantages of freight transport
with combined transport units


We transport goods in containers by rail with safety, speed and low fare, in all weather conditions.


We provide transportation service to / from our customers' facilities, which are connected to the main railway line (via bypass lines).


We provide special discounts for the transport of containers with full trains.

Transportation of goods by single wagons or by full trains - conventional transport

With the freight service of individual wagons and full trains (conventional transport), you have at your disposal the appropriate type of wagon, for transporting any type of goods in Greece and abroad. The railway connection of the two urban centers, Athens and Thessaloniki, contributes to the better service of your freight transport to and from the mainland, but also the countries of Central Europe and the Balkans.

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