Freight Transportation

Hellenic Train offers to the client the support of a large European Group, FS Group, undertaking the rail transport of goods in Greece to and from abroad, ecologically, reliably and at competitive prices.

It connects by rail the ports of the Country (New Ikonio, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis) with the hinterland as well as the neighbouring Balkan countries, Central Europe and Turkey, strengthening Greece's position as a hub in global freight flows.

In agreement with clients, it undertakes the transport of containers and conventional cargoes, by block and scheduled trains throughout the active railway network.

It offers a combined container transport service from Thriasio to Thessaloniki and back with regular trains, receiving and delivering products to their final destination, aiming to expand to the bordering Balkan countries (Bulgaria, North Macedonia) and Turkey.

Hellenic Train, as rail freight transport provider in Greece by investing in synergies with railway companies of surrounding countries, aims to develop an integrated service network in the wider area of SE and Central Europe.



We strengthen our position in the domestic transport market.

We contribute to making Greece a dynamic and modern transit centre of SE Europe.

We offer to our client the support of a large European group, FS Group.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you

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