Tickets & Ticket Discounts / Offers

Ticketing is possible until 5 minutes prior itinerary’s departure.


  • The tickets of the Athens Suburban and Regional Lines (only for trains without seat reservation) are valid 1 hour before and 3 hours after the departure time of the passenger's itinerary, as stated on the ticket (without the need for passengers to present themselves at the ticket offices). Inter-functional tickets issued through the OASA system are excluded.


  • It is possible to change booking, at the Hellenic Train ticket offices, until 10 min prior to itinerary departure, as indicated on the ticket, by selecting same route on different date or time. The following are excluded:

       →Tickets issued after the scheduled departure of the service due to a delay at the passenger's starting station.
       →The tickets for the routes of the Patras Suburban.
       →Inter-functional tickets issued through the OASA system

Hellenic Train applies a pricing policy that addresses many categories of passengers by providing special discounts and offers.

We offer:

  • 20% discount on return tickets, (return discount is given on tickets that do not contain any other discount, to passengers over 65 years old and to military/military personnel. The return discount is always given on tickets with a closed return date).
  • Up to 15% discount on tickets purchased prior to departure, rewarding passengers planning their trips ahead
  • Considerable discounts up to 50% on Multiple Journey Cards, rewarding our loyal friends
  • Discounts for groups
  • 25% discount for AEI students (valid for 2nd class tickets) and students that are participating in EE Erasmus programme
  • 50% discount for AEI students and students of public IEK (valid for 2nd class tickets), if they move from their place of residence (prefecture) to the seat of their school & vice versa. Also, students are entitled  50% discount when their journey is a part of the whole journey that connects their place of residence to their school.

  • Foreigners students, who study  in AEI under the EU Erasmus programme for the duration of their studies are also entitled to the above student discounts.

    The above student  discounts are granted with the presentation of the valid academic identity, which has been issued by a Greek university / public IEK.

  • Children up to age of 4 travel free if a separate seat is not required
  • Children up to age of 4 who travel  with a separate seat and children from 4 to 12 years old are entitled to 50% discount
  • 25% discount for the young passengers (up to the age of 24)
  • 50% discount for multi children families (4 children and more), upon presentation of the family or individual identity card of large families, issued by the Supreme Confederation of Large Families or Association of Large Families,
  • 50% discount for persons with reduced mobility. More information: Transport  of persons with special needs/reduced mobility


The above discounts are applied either in combination or individually depending on the route chosen by the passenger. In any case, the total price reduction due to the discounts offered cannot exceed 40% of the original ticket price.


Hellenic Train's Smart, Electronic ticket

 Passengers can purchase the electronic ticket in all Hellenic Train ticket offices in Attica.

  • This new smart ticket can store fare products of Hellenic Train and OASA.
  • It can be recharged at the points of sale of Hellenic Train, and the automatic machines of OASA at specific stations in the network
  • It can be loaded with 90-minute city tickets and the passenger can travel to the OASA zone by all means
  • It is fully interoperable with the gates of the Suburban, Metro, Electric railway, and buses.


It is the new smart and modern electronic tool of the Hellenic Train in the hands of the passenger.

I use the Athens Suburban Railway: OASA ZONE PRICES in the Athens Urban Zone

Hellenic Train in the Athens Suburban Railway, in the OASA urban area, will apply the new reduced OASA prices, for as long as they are valid.