Short excursions by train

You can enjoy the unique experience of a rail trip, travelling through beautiful scenery that cannot be accessed by other means of transportation.


Choose the transportation mode respects and cares for the environment.


We suggest…


Thiva - Athens

Within an hour’s distance from Thiva, you can find yourself in Athens for a sightseeing tour of the museums and the archaeological sites in the city centre, where you also have many shopping and recreational choices.


Moreover, Thiva is a very interesting and pleasant surprise for the  citizens and the visitors of Athens, as it used to be one of the most  influential ancient cities of Greece. Now, one of the most modern museums in Greece is located there.


One way trip duration - 1 hour.



Athens- Nea Peramos (Megalo Pefko)

Starting the trip from the rail station of Athens and after 36 minutes travelling one may visit Megalo Pefko, an ideal location for a walk by the sea or fresh fish and seafood in one of its famous fish taverns.


One way trip duration - 36'.


megalo peyko

Lamia - Stylida

For a quick escape from Lamia to the seaside, Stylida is the closest destination (only 20 minutes away). It is a picturesque town with many beaches, particularly known for its fish taverns, a lot of them right on the edge of water.

One way trip duration 20’




Travelling to Kalambaka and Meteora is an ideal choice, not only for those who seek a mystical atmosphere, but nature lovers as well.


The impressive monasteries, literally hanging from the rocks of the stone forest in Meteora, offer visitors a unique experience.


At the same time, visitors can take day trips to nearby mountain villages, such as wonderful Elati, covered by huge chestnut trees, scenic Pertouli, the amazing nature of the Aspropotamos river area and the pristine villages nestling on the slopes of South Pindos. Adventurous travelers may also try rafting or kayaking in the crystal waters of Aspropotamos. The area offers comfortable accommodation with breathtaking views.


The first itinerary, 884, departs at 7:20 in the morning from Athens Central Station «Larisa Station» and the trip lasts 4h and 11minutes.


Go on board and enjoy one of Greece’s most beautiful destinations!



Larisa's unknown beaches

During summertime, we all dream of beaches and our mind usually drifts to the small or large Greek islands. Yet, the Greek mainland does not fall short of beaches. On the contrary, it features hidden, heavenly spots that await the demanding and restless visitor to discover them.

The area of Larisa is mostly known for its fertile plain. Besides the locals, few people know that it has beautiful  coasts, and even fewer have visited them for a swim or holidays. Yet, a wonderful 11.5 km long beach lies on the coastline of the large imaginary delta formed by Mavrovouni and Mt Pelion on one side, Mt Kisavos on the other.


Starting out from the settlements of Agiokampos, Sotiritsa and Velika, visitors may explore the homonymous beaches or smaller ones on the eastern foot of Mt Kisavos. Organized beaches and small bays, accessible only on foot satisfy all preferences.


Among the numerous coasts, one singles out Paliouria, where the lush trees nearly reach the waterfront, Koutsoupia with its picturesque taverns and Kokkino Nero, known for its therapeutic water springs. A refreshing swim followed by delicious local dishes makes up the ideal condition for a wonderful day trip or unforgettable holidays.


Get on the train to Larisa and from there take the bus to Agiokampos. You will discover the unknown Greece, beautiful and just a breath away!



Larisa - Volos 

The city of Volos is built near the site of ancient Iolcos, at the foot of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. It is located in the centre of Greece, combining the allure of the sea with the mystical charm of the Centaurs’ mountain.


The long history of the city has left its mark on the city’s architecture such as mansions, municipal halls, museums, early 20th-century industrial facilities, and splendid churches. The visitor can also admire an exact imitation of ancient ship Argo.


Here you can visit some of the numerous famous small restaurants that offer tsipouro, the city’s classic treat.


In only 50′ minutes from Larisa, you are at Volos.



In Pieria by train

Pieria combines harmoniously wonderful beaches of unique natural environment, historical monuments, culture with an exciting nightlife.


Platamonas, where trees reach the waterline, Skotina and Korinos will fascinate you!


Yet, visitors’ options are not limited to beaches. The beautiful landscapes with dense forests, the rivers and the coastal wetlands are definitely worth a visit. This also applies to the archaeological park of Dion with the sanctuary of Zeus, the picturesque stone-built village of Old Panteleimon and the town of Litohoro.



Xanthi's Toxotes, a beautiful destination

Toxotes, a small village lying 13 km away from the city of Xanthi, is a wonderful destination. The river Nestos is the ubiquitous highlight of the area. Its calm waters flow through the evergreen landscape in meander-formations and beautiful narrow pathways are formed along its banks. Visitors are literally stunned by the beauty of nature.


Wild horses and rare birds find shelter in the beautiful valley that surrounds the village.
This place is ideal for those seeking a quiet and relaxing walk in nature, or those who love hiking. They may enjoy a walk by the riverside, admire the beauty of the countryside and rest in the recreational areas by the river.


Visitors should not miss out on the unique experience of railroad travel from Toxotes to Stavroupoli. The rails almost follow the riverside and the train passes through successive tunnels. Thus, travelers have the opportunity to see the Straits of Nestos and the Thracian Tempi in a different light. Sports lovers have quite a few options to choose from, like canoe kayak, mountain biking and many others.


The city of Xanthi is also a unique travel destination.


The traditional old city combines different  architectural styles, such as local architecture, Ottoman architecture and Greek neoclassicism, all of them offering to the city a different atmosphere. 


Train traveling is the most suitable way starting know these destinations!



Chalkida, a joyful destination

Fascinating Chalkida is an ideal destination for an enjoyable day trip close to Athens. The city is built on both sides of the Straits of Euripos, with one part lying on the Euboean coast and the other on the coast of Central Greece. It was named after the numerous copper mines originally found in the greater area. Chalkida is mostly known for its hanging bridge and the change in the direction of the sea waters in Euripos, a unique phenomenon that attracts a large number of visitors.


Chalkida is a place full of energy. A long pedestrian walk by the sea features countless little shops –coffee-shops, bakeries and traditional Greek taverns - offering vast culinary options, with an emphasis on the well-known local seafood.


The lucky ones who happen to be there around 11.00 a.m. have the chance to see the bridge lifted for the ships to pass.


Chalkida offers many tourist attractions. Among them, the Old Bridge, the Church of Agia Paraskevi, the Archaeological Museum and the archaeological site of Manika, with important prehistoric remains.

Pleasure and cheerfulness rest just 1h and 20 minutes away from Athens. Step on the suburban train to Chalkida - and enjoy your break!



Excursion to Edessa

Starting out from the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, travelers have the unique opportunity to take the train and, after one hour and  half, find themselves in wonderful Edessa - the city that Greek author Menelaos Lountemis described as “the step that God uses to ascend to heaven”.


Sight-seeing options here are endless, beginning with the open Water Museum. Watermills, a botanic garden, an aquarium, a cave and, of course, the well-known Edessa waterfalls make up a fascinating spectacle.


Equally impressive is the park of the waterfalls - a small paradise with age old trees, dense vegetation, gazebos, paved paths, fountains, statues and dozens of bird species.

The Folk Museum of Edessa presents the city’s history from ancient times to the present. Objects and costumes from the traditional everyday life in the area are among the exhibits that stand out.


A walk in the historical settlement of Varosi is also a major attraction for visitors, thanks to its beautiful cobbled streets, mansions in the typical Macedonian style and Byzantine churches.


Travelers’ options are not limited to the city of Edessa. In the surrounding region, a breathtaking nature with numerous water trails, green landscapes and scenic mountains offers an array of popular choices and promises unique moments.


And all this, just a breath away from the city of Thessaloniki. Reach it, easily, by train!



Thessaloniki - Florina

Within two and a half hours from Thessaloniki you arrive at Florina for a walk around the city’s neoclassic manors, built along the river Sakouleva, which runs through the city. Snow and ski lovers can continue to Pisoderi Ski Resort (18 km from the city).

One way trip duration 2h 40m



Kilkis - Thessaloniki

Only 31 minutes away from Kilkis, Thessaloniki awaits its visitors for shopping and walks along its large commercial streets and its cosmopolitan seafront. The choices vary from countless cafes to historical sites, such as the White Tower. Return on the same day.

One way trip duration 35’