Transportation of accompanied animals

(A) According to the Legislation in force for pets or assistance dogs (Law 4039/2012 and Law 4235/2014 as well as the respective Ministerial Decisions) these animals (dogs, cats, birds etc. with the exception of reptiles) are accepted for transport in Hellenic Train's trains and busses on condition that:


  • Their transport is not opposed to the general Legislative Framework in force
  • The animals have electronic marking and are accompanied by their owner
  • The animals have a health booklet or a valid passport
  • The transported pets are placed in a pet transport box, independently of their size, with the exception of guide dogs, which are not placed in a pet transport box and are transported without a muzzle but with leash


(B) According to the existing legislation, transport of pets and guide dogs in Hellenic Train's trains or buses is not subject to the judgment or consent of either the company’s personnel or the passengers. Specific official regulations are followed and special areas are designated for animal transportation in trains and buses.


(C) Access of transported animals is not allowed in the train’s restaurant coaches. Only guide dogs are allowed in these coaches.


(D) The safekeeping of the transported animals is the responsibility of their owner. Hellenic Train has no liability for loss or whatever problem may be caused to the transported animals, unless this happens due the company’s responsibility. The owner is also liable for any damage caused by the transported animals to Hellenic Train's rolling stock or to third parties, according to Article 924 of Greek Civil Code.



According to the legislation in force, further distinction of transported animals is made as follows:


A. Small accompanied body pets (up to 10kg) or other small pets are transported:

  • In Hellenic Train's trains, as mentioned below, if they are in a pet transport box of maximum dimensions 50 x 40 x 70cm and placed either on the lap of their owner or in the hand luggage area, provided that other passengers have no objection to that. If not, the train inspector ensures the transportation of the pet and its owner, either in the designated seats –provided they exist in the train – or in the luggage compartment with the owner’s consent.
  • In Hellenic Train buses, only if they are in a pet transport box or any other suitable packing of maximum dimensions 50 x 40 x 35cm, in specially designated seats by Hellenic Train. The maximum number of small dogs to be transferred in each bus is 3.


The transport of the accompanying small body pets are as follows:

Athens-Thessaloniki: On all trains as follows:

IC50, IC52, IC55, IC57 placed in a pet box of maximun dimensions 50X 40 X 70 cm

IC54, IC56, IC51, IC53 placed in a pet box of maximum dimensions 50 X 40 X 35 cm

Athens - Chalkida: On all trains

Piraeus - Airport - Kiato - Aigio: On all trains

Athens-Lianokladi: 520 and 521

Larissa - Thessaloniki: On all the trains

Suburban Patras: On all trains

Katakolo - Olympia Line: On all trains

Thessaloniki-Edessa-Florina: On all trains

Serres-Drama: On all trains

Xanthi-Alexandroupoli: On all trains

Pelion Train: There is the possibility of transporting dogs on the balcony of the train either in a safe transport cage (small dogs), or with a handle and muzzle (large dogs). The maximum number of dogs allowed is 2 per train

Rack Train (Kalavrita-Diakopto Line): It is possible to transport small pets, which are placed in a cage or other suitable package of maximum dimensions 50 X 40 X 35 cm



The following routes are currently operated by bus:

  • Lianokladi – Lamia - Stylida 
  • Palaiofarsalos-Kalambaka
  • Drama - Xanthi
  • Larissa - Volos
  • Kiato - Patras
  • Drama-Alexandroupoli


B. Large body pets (over 10 kg) accompanied by their owners::

i. Large accompanied pets are transported in a pet transport box of maximum dimensions 118 x 76 x 88cm, in long distance trains, in the composition of which a luggage transport coach is incorporated (the space of the utensil is ventilated but not air conditioned). The owner of the dog may have access in the coach, provided by the train manager. These trains are:

Athens-Thessaloniki - Athens: ​IC 50, IC 52, IC 55, IC 57

Athens-Lianokladi-Athens: 520, 521

The maximum number of accompanied large dogs is 2 per train. They are not accepted in Hellenic Train's busses


C. Assistance dogs (trained or in training) for PRM:

Transport of large assistance dogs in the train’s compartments specially designated for this purpose by Hellenic Train, on condition that:


  • the guide dog is transported without a muzzle, on a leash and must be seated next to their owner on the coaches’ floor
  • the guide dogs are not placed in a pet transport box and their transport of the PRM and the dog is also possible in the special seats for PRM in certain trains
  • guide dogs (trained or in training) have an access in the restaurant coaches of Hellenic Train's trains


Assistance dogs (trained or in training as presented by the existing legislation)

The owner of the guide dog, the trainer or the volunteer responsible of an assistance dog puppy must present, when requested by the personnel of Hellenic Train, the documents prescribed by the law, certifying the training level of the dog (if it is already trained or in training), the dog’s health and also that the owner, trainer or volunteer responsible of an assistance dog puppy is certified to have this dog.


If the owner or  trainer of the assistance dog is staying in Greece for a long period of time and is a EU citizen or a citizen of third country, the above mentioned documents must be either in English language or officially translated in Greek language by the responsible Greek authorities abroad (Embassies etc).


The same provisions regarding the respect of the other passengers as well as the railway’s rolling stock apply for the guide dog owners, the trainers and the volunteers responsible of an assistance dog-puppy.


Transport of assistance dogs in training is possible in the coach’s compartments either in the seats designated by Hellenic Train or in any other seat or coach chosen by the owner, the trainer or the volunteer.


In case of missed connections to local trains passengers traveling with pets are transported with the next possible train.


  • For the transport of small pets, under the above-mentioned terms, no fare is charged and no transport document is issued, unless a separate seat is required for the pet in the pet transport box. In this case, the charged fare is equal to the 50% of the full price of a 2nd class ticket for the route chosen by the owner
  • For the transport of large dogs, in accordance with the above terms, the charged fare is equal to the 50% of the full price of a 2nd class ticket, for the route chosen by the owner, and a separate travel document is issued
  • For guide dogs, trained or in training, no fare is charged
  • On line ticket purchase is not possible
  • The issuance of tickets for the passenger and the accompanying body pet is done only at the Hellenic Train ticket offices. No ticket sales online
  • Accompanied pet service is not possible from non operating train stations. Exception is made only if the ticket has already been issued from a station in operation


Attached Files:  Sample of pets’ health booklet.

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