Block Train Transportation

Hellenic Train provides the possibility of transporting container and conventional cargo, with block trains and scheduled trains from/to the Hinterland and border stations of the country.

A block train is a train with loaded (chargeable) weight of, basically, 750 tons or 56 UTI (i.e. 28 containers 40´) consisting of the loads of one or more wagons carried simultaneously for a shipper without a change in the composition of the train from a loading (departure) point to an unloading (arrival) point. In some cases, due to the characteristics of the line, the above weight or number of UTI’s may vary downwards.

Taking into consideration the needs of freight transport, Hellenic Train exploits all the potential of the Greek railway network for the organization and service of national and international transport by block trains.

Main service rail corridors:

  • Athens - Thessaloniki 
  • Thessaloniki – Gevgelija
  • Thessaloniki – Kulata
  • Alexandroupolis - Svilengrad

Main ports: 

- Port of New Ikonio (Piraeus)

- Port of Thessaloniki

- Port of Alexandroupolis