Passenger Requests for Fines

For requests concerning fines that have been issued, you can fill in the online form here


Payments of Fines:
Exclusively by depositing the amount in the following (IBAN) bank account:

ALPHA BANK A.E.: GR4801408020802002001002521 Beneficiary: HELLENIC TRAIN AE



When paying by depositing an amount in the above bank account and in order for HELLENIC TRAIN S.A. to be informed of this payment and for the Fine Act to be paid in the name of the offender, the reason for the deposit slip must necessarily include the number of the Fine Act & its series, the date of its imposition, as well as the full name of the offender.

  • In any case and if the above is not complied with, HELLENIC TRAIN S.A. cannot pay the debt, which will remain due.
  • The deposit slips and what is written on them are implemented at the risk of the person concerned.



  • If during the check it is found that the passenger does not have a ticket/card of Hellenic Train or a valid ticket/card of Hellenic Train, a single fine of 10 euros is imposed immediately in addition to the price of the regular ticket of the route the passenger intends to travel. Otherwise, a fine of EUR 50 shall be imposed in addition to the price of the standard one-way ticket. The fine is halved if the passenger pays it directly (in cash) when boarding the train/bus.  Alternatives, the passenger has the right to pay the fine within 20 days without further increase.
  • For interoperable tickets/cards (smart tickets) issued in cooperation with OASA, OASA's fines policy is followed. Specifically, fines are paid with a 50% reduction if paid immediately after imposition or within TEN (10) calendar days of the date of imposition.