Bicycle transportation

The bicycle transportation service is aligned with Regulation 782/2021 of the European Union, according to which railway companies shall enable bicycle transportation, provided that bicycles are easy to handle, the transportation complies with the requirements of the specific service and the bicycles are transported in trains with relevant capacity.


The bicycle transportation in the trains of Hellenic Train remains follows:


Α. In the long distance trains of Hellenic Train, bicycles are transported as registered luggage, in the luggage van, provided that there is enough capacity, applicable to registered luggage:

Trains on Athens-Thessaloniki-Athens route:

  • IC 50

  • IC 52

  • IC 55

  • IC 57

A fare  of 5€ per bicycle is charged. Up to 5 bicycles are accepted as registered luggage on each train.


Β. Bicycles can be transported  on the trains of  the following  routes, without any charge:

  • Line Athens-Chalkida, Piraeus –International Airport «Elefterios Venizelos», Piraeus – Kiato up to 4 bicycles, placed in wagons 2 and 4 (2 bicycles in each wagon)

  • Line Thessaloniki-Larissa-Thessaloniki up tp 4 bicycles

  • Line Kiato-Aigio, Tavros- Kiato, Peania/Kantza - Ano Liosia up to 2 bicycles per wagon

  • Line Thessaloniki - Edessa and Thessaloniki - Drama 1 bicycle per wagon

The passenger-owner of the bicycle is solely responsible for the bicycle’s transportation and its placement in the coach, as well as the security of the bicycle during the journey and the avoidance of damage to the rolling stock. The placement of bicycles between the seats is not allowed.

Gradually, special labels will be placed on the doors of the above trains to indicate whether or not bicycles can be carried in each wagon.


The following routes are currently operated by bus. Therefore, the carriage of bicycles is performed as specified in paragraph C:

  • Lianokladi – Stylida 
  • Larissa-Volos
  • Palaiofarsalos-Kalambaka
  • Drama-Xanthi
  • Drama to Alexandroupoli
  • Edessa-Florina-Edessa
  • Serres-Drama-Serres
  • Kiato - Patra
  • Alexandroupoli-Xanthi-Alexandroupoli
  • Alexandroupoli-Ormenio-Alexandroupoli


C. Buses of Hellenic Train

The transportation of one (1) foldable bicycle is possible in each route, without any charge. The passenger-owner of the bicycle is responsible for the whole procedure of the bicycle transportation.

The bicycle  should be placed in a suitable storage case and the bicycle dimensions should be up to 100 x 60 x 25 cm.

During the journey the bicycle is placed in the luggage space of the bus.

On the following touristic trains bicycles are  not accepted:

Ano Lekhonia-Milee route (train of Pelion)

Diakofto-Kalavryta route (Rack railway)