Clean Train

An action for a clean train


The train is being modernized; it becomes more accessible, more social, more attractive. The values it serves: Ecology, Safety & Economy, emerging through a modern image of friendly transportation mean.

The new services place the train in a new position of the modern transportation arena:


  • Rewarding frequent travelers
  • On line booking
  • On line information on time tables
  • Discounts for on line, early booking, return tickets, cases of late arrival or departure of the trains and minimization of delays.


All these, contribute to an increase of ridership and the train is being rewarded as the chosen mean of travel by friends and passengers.


Graffiti and vandalism have no place in this new image of the railway. The more than a million and a half passengers per month deserve a better, cleaner train.


Cleaning graffiti on trains is an expensive task. Both the materials and time needed and the protection of the train surface by anti-graffiti membranes, is disproportionate to the time and cost of the people who choose to vandalize it.


Hellenic Train has intensified the security measures for the protection of the rolling stock and is taking legal action against perpetrators of vandalism. At the same time, we ask for the participation of all those who care for the mean. By participating in the safeguarding of the train’s beauty, we all participate in the beautiful journey it offers. Passengers that care for the train, that believe in the campaign, that visit this webpage and follow our communications effort for a clean train are friends of the campaign. Passengers may also contribute in preserving the cleanliness of the trains through their considerate presence on board. Citizens sensitized by the effort for a “Clean Train” may send their views via this website.


Hellenic Train wishes to reward its old and new friends, by creating the aesthetic environment they deserve within the most beautiful, ecological and safe transportation mode.