Through Τicket

From 07 June 2023, through-tickets are introduced for the benefit of passengers (in accordance with the provisions of Regulation EC 2021/782). Through-tickets are issued in a single commercial transaction, for rail journeys involving one or more connections, taking into account realistic and practicable minimum connecting times on the initial journey.


Through-tickets allow passengers to travel without interruption, offering enhanced rights in case of interruption or missed connections.

(re-routing, compensation for delay at final destination, assistance, etc.)


A “missed connection” is defined as a situation in which a passenger misses one or more train services during a rail journey, sold in the form of a through-ticket, because of the delay or cancellation of one or more previous train services or the departure of a train service before the scheduled time of departure.


Through-tickets are not offered when they are related to journeys which:


  1. include at least one bus service.

For the routes that are scheduled to be operated by bus in the current season you can find out about the official website of HELLENIC TRAIN

  1. include at least one journey for which tickets are issued with a validity period of 1 hour before & 2 hours after the indicated departure time of the itinerary. These routes are Athens-Chalkida-Athens, Piraeus-Kiato-Piraeus, Piraeus-Airport-Piraeus, Airport-Ano Liosia-Airport, Ano Liosia-Kantza-Ano Liosia.
  2. the subsequent train departs in less than the minimum required safe connection time to ensure the passenger's protection.



HELLENIC TRAIN provides through-tickets for the trips that include the bus services of the route Kiato-Patra-Kiato with a connection to the railway services of the routes Kiato-Piraeus-Kiato & Airport-Piraeus-Airport/Athens-Chalkida-Athens.


For all routes the electronic ticketing system is updated so that before issuing tickets, the passenger is informed whether the tickets in question are through or non through.

This is performed either verbally by the issuer at the ticket office or by an information message on the web-ticketing platform.

In all cases it shall be indicated on the tickets whether they are through or non through tickets.


At the current time, due to a technical upgrade, this information is not available from the mobile application (app). However, the mobile application also provides these terms and conditions, indicating which are through-tickets.