Information about the new Commercial Platform

The New Commercial Platform of Hellenic Train, marks the provision of improved services with many advantages, new graphics, new services and functionalities.


The functionalities of the New Commercial Platform of Hellenic Train are being developed gradually, offering initially the possibility of digital purchase of tickets on some network routes, but also the digital purchase of multy journey cards on regular price!

New features and routes will be added in stages.


The current online ticketing system will run in parallel for the next period, offering all the routes and services currently available. In this way, the parallel operation of the two systems for a short period of time will guarantee a smooth transition to the New Commercial Platform, giving our customers time to adapt without difficulty while at the same time allowing them to gradually use new features.


The transition to the New Commercial Platform is planned to be completed in the coming months and once completed, the current ticketing system will be phased out.


For now, our customers can easily and quickly enjoy a preview of the digital benefits of Hellenic Train's New Commercial Platform!


Registered users of the New Commercial Platform are given the opportunity to manage their trips the way they want, instantly and without delay, without the need to be physically present or visit one of the company's ticket offices, as they will now be able:

  • to change their booking by choosing another route on the same journey at a different date and time, free of charge
  • to change their ticket by paying or refunding the difference in price of the new ticket issued
  • to cancel their ticket or multy journey card with a refund of the price, according to the method of purchase
  • to receive compensation for a delayed journey


In addition, a new product is offered, the Hellenic Train Gift Card, which can be purchased and then offered as a gift to a third person for buying tickets and multy journey cards from the New Commercial Platform


The new Commercial Platform is available in three languages: Greek, English, Italian.


For more information on the New Commercial Platform for issuing tickets and cards and for purchasing a Hellenic Train Gift Card, you may call daily from 7:00 to 21:00 at +30 2106241943 (local charge).