Human Resources

Today Hellenic Train counts more than 1,100 employees.


The company's profile is inextricably linked to the professionalism of its employees and its specialized staff, trained to promote and improve our services to the passenger public.


We believe our trained staff meets the challenges of the market and improves the performance of our company.


Career Opportunities

Attracting, welcoming and developing people who can guarantee the know-how of the railways and create new know-how is one of our company's priorities and it is no coincidence that we consider ourselves a big family.

By choosing to become a member of our company you will join an organization that understands that human capital is the key lever behind value.


We focus our efforts on building learning paths based on our staff's wealth of experience and effective vocational training, incorporating old and new knowledge.


We do this at every level, starting with a growth goal of lifelong learning and gaining useful skills to guide the business to new challenges.


Job rotation programs are designed to provide people with a wide range of knowledge so that they can always engage in exciting new projects.