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Ταξίδι με τρένο - Όνειρα ταξιδευτών

“Who dares disturb my peace?” The good-natured kangaroo stares in awe the metallic miracle crossing the barren landscape.

Starting from Perth and reaching Sydney as its final destination, the epic Indian Pacific railway runs through the unexplored charm of the Australian nature, crossing the forests and waterfalls of the Blue Mountains. If you are ready for this life journey, remember that the best seasons are spring and autumn. (greatsouthernrail.com.au)


The Indian Pacific

Route: Perth-Sydney
Distance: 4,352 km
Duration: 4 days
First direct journey from Sydney to Perth: February 23, 1970
Average length of train: 774 m.
Number of carriages: 30, plus two locomotives
Length of track: 4,352 km
Max speed: 71 mi/hr