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27/3/2014 FUTUREMED Mid-Term Conference “Opportunities and Challenges for Territorial Integration of Seaports: ICT, Infrastructures and Services”

The FUTUREMED Mid Term Conference titled “Opportunities and Challenges for Territorial Integration of Seaports: ICT, Infrastructures and Services” was held on 27th of March 2014 in Valencia at the Fundación Valencia Port. During the conference organized by FUTUREMED project, key experts from European Institutions and ports from the Mediterranean and Northern Europe discussed accessibility and Port-Hinterland integration, reaching the aim to specifically identify ICT solutions for the port-hinterland integration, their relation with the port and maritime systems, and those systems dedicated to manage land transport. Additionally, a special session has been dedicated to the cruise market and to identify the specific info-mobility solutions to make ports and related territories attractive. OPENING GENERAL SESSION Key European speakers discussed the present and future of e-navigation and e-maritime initiatives, and the key role of Port Community Systems and other Technological Platforms in this electronic environment. PORT-HINTERLAND INTEGRATION Key speakers from the Mediterranean and Northern European Ports discussed the current and future solutions and services for the improvement of port-hinterland integration through the development of more efficient railway corridors connecting the ports with their hinterland. CRUISE MARKET: OPPORTUNITY AND INTEGRATION AT DIFFERENT LEVELS Key speakers of the MED area discussed the Cruise Market and the possibilities of ICTs for the development of new solutions and services improving the cruise passenger experience and involving the port, the city and other related stakeholders. For more information, please visit the project’s official web site at: