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5/7/2013 Easy Trip 4th Project Meeting in Municipality of Thermi

The 4th Project Meeting was held in Municipality of Thermi. In the meeting there was extensive discussion on all the project matters. More specifically, there was discussion on:

  • the environmental measures that need to be made,
  • the equipment purchase and installation procedures of the information equipment that could be used from the municipalities’ visitors,
  • the 2nd phase of survey by questionnaires that needs to take place, in order for the platform to be evaluated by companies and public. The platform is already in use in

A separate part of this survey has been undertaken by TRAINOSE and the second phase of it, as well as the first, will be conducted in train stations and on trains,

  • the promotion of the radio and TV-spots in Greece and Bulgaria, and
  • the organization of the 5th Project Meeting and the 3rd Workshop in the Municipality of Kavala, where companies and public can be informed about the project.

The smart phone application of the platform is soon to be released to the public. For more information, please visit the official project’s web site at: