ANNOUNCEMENT 13/04/2023 - Additional Services on Athens-Megara- Kiato-Athens route

Hellenic Train informs the passengers that, from Friday 14 April 2023, additional services will be added to the Athens Suburban Railway, specifically on the Athens-Megara-Athens and Athens-Kiato-Athens routes.

In particular, from 14.04.2023 the Suburban Railway services from and to Kiato and Megara will run as follows:

- On the route Athens - Megara - Athens:
From Athens: 06.35, 08.35, ..., 20.35 (even hours, XX:35')
From Megara: :07.29, 09.31, 11.31, ..., ..., (odd hours, XX:31' except the first one)

- On the route Athens - Kiato - Athens:
From Athens: 05.35, 07.35, ..., 21.35 (odd hours, XX:35')
From Kiato: 05.29, 07.31, 09.31, ..., 21.31 (odd hours, .XX:31΄ except the first)

It is clarified that, due to the implementation of the new timetable, from Good Friday 14.04.2023, the timetable on the section Piraeus - Magoula will be replaced with the above mentioned timetable.

It is noted that, for passengers from and to Kiato and Corinth and for their better service, there is also a bus connection to the station of Megara, (bus line on the section Megara - Kiato and intermediate stations, except Zeugolati. 

For the buses it is necessary to reserve seats, including for unlimited route card holders.

Hellenic Train will inform with further announcements about the routes that will be gradually added to the timetable.