These are particularly difficult days for the country and for our company, which lost 9 employees in the impact. Hellenic Trains expresses its condolences to the relatives of the victims to whom it offers every support.


Hellenic Train, the passenger and freight transport company, has been working closely with the rescuers and institutions since the first moments after the accident caused by the collision of the two trains at Tempi at the level of Evangelismos.


The Hellenic Train staff team was present from the first moments at the scene of the accident, collaborating with the authorities, Civil Protection Agency and rescue teams to provide support and, through the Civil Protection Agency, to mobilize psychologists to be at the hospitals.


On the spot of the accident, we sent buses to facilitate the transportation of passengers who managed to disembark and bring them to Thessaloniki, which was the final destination. In the hours following the accident, a dedicated company call center was set up and worked at full capacity to provide information on the service and refer the relevant authorities for information relating to the accident.


Hellenic Train explains that the list of passengers' names provided to the authorities includes only those travellers who have purchased a web ticket. For passengers who purchase tickets at ticket offices, the ticket, although providing for seat allocation, is not named. The Company informs that the number of tickets sold never exceeds the number of seats offered because, on intercity trains, all tickets have seat assignment and therefore with any method of purchase, which may be via web, at the ticket office or on board, *the number of tickets sold can never exceed the number of seats available.


Hellenic Train reaffirms that there are no gas canisters on the train. The service equipment in the restaurant coach is electrical. In the coming hours, the company will continue its work to assist and support the victims in close cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and all relevant authorities.