Traffic Status


Delays and changes to the routes, due to  heavy snow on the SKA-THIVA section. Continuous snow removal of the line, in order to ensure the safe passage of trains.


22:00 The route IC61 (Athens-Thessaloniki) is 34 minutes late from Lianokladi station.


21:29 Route 2533 (Chalkida – Athens) is 20 minutes late.


21:21 The train 2596 (Palaiofarsalos- Thessaloniki) is travelling with 25 minutes delay from Larissa.


19:43 The train No. 1559 (Chalkida- Athens) is cancelled on the Avlona- Athens section. The service will be substituted by buses on the Oinoi- Athens section, with intermediate parking at Agios Stefanos station. Passengers at the other stations between Avlonas- Athens will be served by the next train on the Chalkida- Athens line.


19:36 Passengers of the delayed train 595 will be served with buses on the Palaiofarsalos- Kalampaka section.


19:15 The train No 1559 (Chalkida – Athens) and departure time 18:16 is on 20 minutes delay from Oinoi station, due to technical problem.


18:55 Train 595 departed with 59 minutes delay.


18:15 The train No. 595 (Thessaloniki- Palaiofarsalos) is delayed due to traffic reasons.


15:20 The train No IC59 and departure time 14:56, has a delay in departure.


15:05 The train No 2591 (Thessaloniki- Larisa) and departure time 13:40, is on 45 minutes delay.


14:41  The bus service C120 (Athens- Lianokladi), is cancelled due to police measures.


14: 10 The itinerary IC57 departed with 54 minutes delay.


13:30 The itinerary No. IC57 (Thessaloniki- Athens) and departure time 12:56 will depart with a great delay, due to technical problem.


12:37 Train IC52 is on 57 minutes delay from Lianokladi station.


12:35 The itineraries No. 1884 & 1883 for the section Kalabaka-Trikala will be performed by bus.


12:20 Train No. 1599 departed with 44 minutes delay.


11:43  Train No. 1599 (Thessaloniki – Larisa) and departure time 11:35 will depart delayed, due to technical problem.


11:39 The Train 882 (Athens-Kalabaka) and departure time 07:52 is on 34 minutes delay from Lianokladi station.


11:30 The itinerary IC 52 (Thessaloniki – Athens) and departure time 09:22 is on 34 minutes delay from Livadeia station.


10:00 The itinerary IC53 (Thessaloniki  Athens) and departure time 08:56 is on 12 minutes delay from Litochoro station.


9:52 The train IC52 departed on 13 minutes delay.  


9:40 The train 1538 (Athens- Chalkida) and departure time 08:52, is on 20 minutes delay from SKA station.


9:22 The itinerary with No. IC52 and departure time 09:22 will depart delayed.


9:20 The itinerary No. 1534 (Athens- Chalkida) and departure time 06:52, is on 64 minutes delay from Oinoi station.


9:15 The itineraries No. 1208 & 2215, are cancelled to Kantza – Airport section, due to snow removal at SKA- THIVA section and traffic regulations.


8:12  Train No. 1592 (Larisa- Thessaloniki) and departure time 07:15, departed on 66 minutes delay.


8:00 The itinerary 882 (Athens- Kalabaka) and departure time 07:52, will depart delayed.


7:20 The itinerary 4205 (Kantza – Ano Liosia) and departure time 06:35 is cancelled, due to the weather.