Traffic Status



17:30 The train 15:52 (Athens- Chalkida) with departure time 15:52, is on 27 minutes delay from Oinoe station.


16:59 The following itineraries of the Ano Liosia-Kantza-Ano Liosia route are partially cancelled on the section SKA-Ano Liosia-SKA:

4541 (Kantza-Ano Liosia) and departure time 16:35

4240 (Ano Liosia- Kantza) and departure time 17:04


16:57 The train No IC59 (Thessaloniki- Athens) and departure time 14:56 is travelling with 17 minutes delay from Larisa.



16:00 Double line given between Inoi-Afidnes.


16:00 IC58 (Athens- Thessaloniki) with departure time 15:22 is on 24 minutes delay at starting point).


15:19 IC56 (Athens- Thessaloniki) with departure time 13:22 is travelling with 18 minutes delay from Tithorea, due to the single line at Afines-Oinoi section.


15:05 IC57 is on 43 minutes delay from Larisa station.


14:21 IC57 (Thessaloniki- Athens) with departure time 12:56 is on 20 minutes delay from Neoi Poroi.


14:00 Single line between Afidnes-Oinoi. Delays expected to suburban routed Athens -Chalkida- Athens.


13:49 Train No. 1546 (Athens- Chalkida) and departure time 12:52, is on 16 minutes delay from Afidnes station.


13:25 Train no 1547 (Chalkida- Athens) with departure time 12:15 is on 23 minutes delay from Afidnes station.


12:51 IC53 departed with 132 minutes delay from Palaiofarsalos station and IC55 departed with 30 minutes delay from Larisa station.


12:30 IC55 will depart delayed, due to traffic reasons.


10:56 IC53 (Thessaloniki- Athens) and departure time 08:56 is stopped at Palaiofarsalos station, due to technical proble. Big delay is expected.


10:14 The itinerary 1520 (Athens- Lianokladi) will not stop at Amfikleia, Lilaia, Mpralos station, due to the bad weather.


09:51 The itinerary 11307 (Agios Andreas- Patra- Rio) is on 12 minutes delay.  


06:42 Trains No. 11300, 11301 and 11302 (Agios Andreas- Patra- Rio) are cancelled.


The itinerary No. 1520 (Athens – Leianokladi) with departure time 17:58, will run from the new line Tithorea- Molos- Lianokladi, so there will be no stops at Amfklia, Lilaia, Mpralos station.