120 years of travelling

1896 – 2016.  The historic train of the journey Diakopton – Kalavryta, the Rack railway, travels continuously for 120 years.

In order to celebrate this significant anniversary, Hellenic Train in collaboration with DI.K.EP.A., the District of Western Greece, the municipalities of Aegialia and Kalavryta, the Management Institution of Helmos-Vouraikos, the Association of the Rack friends, the Ski-Mountaineering and Environmental Protection of Kalavryta Association, the Achaia Development SA and the High school of Diakopton will organize a series of anniversary events in May, which is named month of the Rack railway.

The opening anniversary events will take place on the weekend of May 7 and 8 and coincide with the organization of the 36th Panhellenic passage of Vouraikos gorge. The events aim at the promotion and financial development of the wider Kalavryta region, as well as the tourism reinforcement and promotion of local traditional products.

The highlighting of the uniqueness of the Rack railway and the Helmos-Vouraikos National park which has recently joined the UNESCO Geoparks network are the main purpose of all events that are to take place in Diakopton and Kalavryta, such as:

  • Daily workshops
  • Gastronomy events using local products
  • Concerts and music events
  • Publication and presentation of a book titled “Mountzouris in the Time Machine: Rack railway Diakopto-Kalavryta 1896-2016”.

The successful communication of the anniversary events’ program is of great importance, thus journalists from national media have been invited to attend. They will have the opportunity to travel on the Rack and write about the municipalities of Kalavryta, Aigialia and the unique beauty of the landscape.

As part of the anniversary activities, Hellenic Train offers in the month of May reduced ticket prices for school students, while it contemplates reducing ticket prices for adults as well.

Focused on the development of the wider Kalavryta region, all local institutions aim to establish May as “the month of the Rack railway”. This is believed to contribute to a substantial increase in the numbers of visitors and to the extension of the tourist season.

kalavryta 1896-2016