Hellenic Train on Telegram

Hellenic Train, in order to provide better and more targeted information to its passengers, has activated information channels in the Telegram app, through which information about its routes, such as delays, cancellations and other travel information is communicated. 

Check the schedules of the channel for the line you are interested in by clicking on one of the following links (no need to download the app). 

Hellenic Train - IC & ICE Trains -> For the IC & ICE routes (Athens-Thessaloniki & Athens-Kalambaka).

Hellenic Train-Athens Sub & Peloponnese ->  For the Athens Suburban Lines and Peloponnese Lines (Piraeus-Aerodrome, Piraeus-Kiato, Athens-Chalkida, A. Liosia-Kantza-Airport of Athens, Kiato-Patras, Kiato-Aigio, Diakopto-Kalavrita, Suburban Railway Patras, Katakolon-Olympia).

Hellenic Train-Central Greece Regional Lines -> For the regional lines of Central Greece (Kalambaka-Paleofarsalos-Larissa-Thessaloniki, Lianokladi-Tithorea-Athens, Lianokladi-Lamia-Stylida, Ano Lechonia-Milee, Larissa-Volos).

Hellenic Train-North Greece Regional Lines ->  For the regional lines of Northern Greece (Thessaloniki-Florina, Thessaloniki-Serres-Drama, Drama-Xanthi, Xanthi-Alexandroupolis, Alexandroupolis-Ormenio).