Kalavryta City Pass is a touristic package designed by Hellenic Train in collaboration with the Kalavryta Ski Center, the Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust, the winery “TETRAMYTHOS” and the Municipal Enterprise «Cave of the Lakes».


Kalavryta City Pass combines the unique traveling experience of the Rack Railway from Diakofto to Kalavryta and vice-versa, free entrance to the Kalavryta Ski Center with a lift ride to Vathia Lakka, or alternatively a visit to the winery “TETRAMYTHOS”, free entrance and tour in the Cave of the Lakes & access to the Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust, giving the visitors the opportunity to visit important historical monuments, learn about the latest methods of wine production and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Achaia.


The special pass is available for €24,80 per person at the Kalavryta, Diakopton and Patras Railway Stations.


It is valid for a period of one month after the issuing date and may be used in the interim on the dates selected by the passenger