Traffic Status


09:27 The itineraries 1208 (Pireaus- Athens- Airport) and departure time 07:45 and 2215 (Airport-Ano Liosia) and departure time 08:52 will be cancelled at Airport-Koropi and Koropi-Airport stection, due to traffic reasons. 


09:09 The train No. 302 (Kiato- Aigio) and departure time 09:03 is delayed. 


09:05 The suburban line Aigio-Kiato section have significant delays.


08:31 The itinerary No. 2209 (Koropi-Ano Liosia) and departure time 07:34 will be operated by bus from Neratziotissa to Liosia, without intermediate stop at Irakleio and Metamorfosi station. 

07:53  The itinerary No. 2209 (Koropi-Ano Liosia) and departyre time 07:34 is on 18 minutes delay. 


06:28 The route 2205 (Koropi-Ano Liosia) and departure time 06:34 is cancelled. 


06:23 The train No 1590 (Larisa- Thessaloniki) and departure time 05:30 is on 36 minutes delay from Rapsani station. 


06:19 The itinerary 2204 (Ano Liosia- Koropi) and departure time 06:04 is cancelled.