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9/7/2014 NEAR2 2nd Advisory Board Meeting in Shanghai

The 2nd Advisory Board Meeting was held in Shanghai, China on the 09/07/2014, in the International Meeting Centre of Tongji University. Following, the Lead Partner(LP) gave a presentation on the project, the results achieved so far and the next steps. More specifically, the presentation included:

  • Brief information on the project;
  • Achieved results;
  • Main findings of the 10 Concept Documents;
  • Brief information on the workshops organized in Vilnius and Warsaw;
  • Milestones to be met until the end of the project.

Following, the LP made a presentation on the final publication, its proposed structure and content. She explained that the goal is to present a preliminary structure and receive comments on it, as well as to provide information on the work that has been done on the publication up till now. More specifically, the presentation included:

  • Proposed Structure of the Final Publication;
  • The Corridors under study;
  • Existing Bilateral and Multilateral agreements along the corridors;
  • The Trans-Eurasian railway policy context;
  • Key Players along the land bridge;
  • Projects Underway;
  • Brief, initial conclusions.

For further information, please visit the project’s official web site at: