ANNOUNCEMENT 8/9/2023- Traffic changes due to rail traffic disruption

Due to the interruption of the railway traffic between Leionokladi-Larissa-Litochoro, and the problems caused to the network due to the flooding, on Saturday 9/9/2023 and Sunday 10/9/2023 the following traffic regulations and modifications to the timetable are in effect.

In particular, on the lines:

ATHENS-THESSALONIKI: Intercity trains 50, 52, 60, 60, 54 and 56 will be replaced by buses.
THESSALONIKI-Athens: Intercity trains 51, 53, 61, 55, 61, 55 and 57 will be replaced by buses.
ATHENS-KALABAKA-Athens: trains 882 and 887 are cancelled.
LARISA-VOLOS-LARISA: The services will be operated by bus.
LARISA-PALAIOFARSSALOS-KALAMPAKA-LARISSA: all services are cancelled and will not be replaced by buses (due to road traffic ban)
LARISA-THESSALONIKI-LARISSA: Partial cancellation on all routes between Larissa-Litochoro (substitution by bus from Larissa to Litochoro without intermediate stops).
DIAKOPTO-KALAVRYTA-DIAKOPTO: All services are cancelled and replaced by buses

For more information about the timetables please consult the local ticket offices, the online ticketing (, the Hellenic Train mobile app (HellenicTrain App), or 14511 (passenger service phone).