Research and Development

Network of European – Asian Rail Research capacities



The sudden development of Asian economies, particularly in China, India and Russia, has resulted in a substantial increase in the trade between the two continents. Up until now, maritime transport has taken over the major share of these trade volumes. The railway transport, using existing and new connections, constitutes an attractive alternative in creating a transport bridge between the two continents. A series of issues need to be solved for the suggested transport system to be of adequate level in terms of infrastructure, operation and provided services.


New technologies and solutions regarding the interoperability and optimization of the services offered shall be examined. The main aim of the project is to build a research network on rail connections and operations among the rail research centers in the two continents. The NEAR2 Research Network, exploiting the complementary strengths of the collaborating institutions and experts, aspires to contribute in optimizing the railway connection between Europe and Asia.


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