HELLENIC TRAIN informs the passenger public that the processing of the quality measurements of the HELLENIC TRAIN’ passenger services for the quarter October - December 2022 has been completed.


Our company has installed and implements a complete quality control system of passenger services according to the European standard EN 13816: 2002 «transportation - logistics and services - public passenger transport - service quality definition, targeting and measurement». The implementation of this system is controlled and certified by the independent Certification Body, from 2013 for the route Athens - Thessaloniki with Intercity, and from 2017 for the entire railway network.


In this context, HELLENIC TRAIN has organized and monitored a series of Quality Indicators to continuously improve its services, based on quarterly passenger satisfaction surveys (CSS) and quarterly assessments using mystery shoppers / passengers (MSS), conducted by an independent specialized research company.


In the 4th quarter of 2022 the public passenger of HELLENIC TRAIN, rating their journey in the more critical Quality Criteria (KPIs):


  • 75,91% state that they are very satisfied overall (general satisfaction),
  • evaluate very well to excellent the safety / security they perceive in their trip at a rate of 84,72%,
  • evaluate very well the cleanliness of vehicles at a rate of 75,66%,
  • evaluate very well the travel information they receive from HELLENIC TRAIN at a rate of 80,86%,
  • note weaknesses in the punctuality of the routes so it declared satisfied the 59,87%.


The detailed results of the 2022 passenger surveys results can be seen in chart 2 below. Ahead is a chart comparing the average results of the year 2022 with the average results of 2019 to see the situation in the pre-covid and post-covid era. HELLENIC TRAIN took timely measures to protect the passenger public, in accordance with the current provisions and beyond them, with the result that the epidemic acted as an opportunity for the company mainly in the areas of cleanliness, safety, on board ambient conditions (air conditioning), but also to the ticketing availability in more alternative ways. With the end of the measures, HELLENIC TRAIN maintains the high level achieved in previous years.


HELLENIC TRAIN aims to continuously improve the Quality Indicators and at the same time maintain them in positive ratings over 70%. Cases that do not meet these two conditions are investigated to launch appropriate corrective actions for HELLENIC TRAIN itself or in cooperation with OSE which is the Infrastructure Manager and handles many issues relevant to itineraries, infrastructure reliability and other quality criteria.


We thank all passengers for their trust and our staff for their effort.


Image 1

chart 1: benchmarking of pre-covid and post-covid results


Image 2

chart 2: 2022 Passenger Satisfaction Survey results