Traffic Status


22:12 Train 887 (Kalampaka- Athens) with departure time 18:35, is travelling with 15 minutes delay from Tithorea.


22:10 IC63 (Thessaloniki- Athens) and departure time 19:25, is travelling with 14 minutes delay from Lianokladi.


22:07 IC62 (Athens- Thessaloniki) and departure time 19:22, is travelling with 37 minutes delay (instead of 12’) from Lianokladi.


20:29 IC62 (Athens- Thessaloniki) and departure time 19:22, is travelling with 12 minutes delay from Oinoi.


18:20 The itineraries 2244-2245 are cancelled to section Liosia-Metamorfosi, due to traffic reasons.


17:30 The train No1676 (Xanthi- Alexandroupoli port) and departure time 16:40, departed on 31 minutes delay.


16:00 Train 1675 (Alexandroupoli port- Xanthi) and departure time 14:54, departed with 30 minutes delay.


15:50 The train No. 1682 (Alexandroupoli port- Ormenio) and departure time 15:10, departed with 32 minutes delay.


15:10 IC57 departed with 29 minutes delay from Palaiofarsalos station.


14:50 IC57 (Thessaloniki- Athens) and departure time 12:56, is stopped at Palaiofarsalos station. Small delays are expected.


14:00 Due to technical reason, train 12305 (Agios Andreas- Agios Vasileios), delays to be expected.


10:30 IC50 (Athens- Thessaloniki) and departure time 07:22, is on 13 minutes delay.


09:25 The itinerary 2212 (Ano Liosia- Koropi) and departure time 09:04 is cancelled to Liosia-Neratziotissa section, due to traffic reasons.


09:00 Train 2213 (Koropi-Ano Liosia) and departure time 08:34 is cancelled at Neratziotissa- Liosia section.


08:35 Train No. 710 (Florina- Thessaloniki) departed from Edessa station with 32 minutes delay.


06:55 Train No. 710 (Florina-Thessaloniki)and departure time 06:45, will be substituted by busses with all the intermediate stations.

The stations will be:

    • Amyntaio station

    • Arnissa station (next to the church-about 300m from the station

    • Edessa station

    • Skydra station

    • Naousa station

    • Veroia station.

    • Alexandreia station (at the kiosk-about 50m from the station) or at Manthos hotel

    • Platy station


06:45 Train No 710 (Florina- Thessaloniki) and departure time 06:45 is on delay.