The Athens - Thessaloniki - Athens and Athens - Kalambaka - Athens routes of Hellenic Train resumed today, Monday 3 April.


On the route Athens- Kalambaka- Athens,

- The train from Athens to Kalambaka (882) departed from Larissa station at 08:28.

- The train from Kalambaka to Athens (887) departed from Kalambaka at 16:45.

On the route Athens - Thessaloniki - Athens,

- The train from Athens to Thessaloniki (IC52), departed from Larissa station at 10:28.

- The train from Thessaloniki to Athens (IC55), departed at 10:08.

At certain points along the route, and in accordance with the instructions of the OSE Infrastructure Manager, the trains moved at reduced speed. The GSMR system was put into operation by the Infrastructure Manager's navigator before entering the Tempe tunnel, ensuring communication between station masters and drivers.

Hellenic Train informs that buses remain in service on selected routes until the full restoration of rail services.