Press release 7/13/2022

Πρόεδρος της Hellenic Train κ. Dario Lo Bosco


A Memorandum of Mutual Understanding and Cooperation for the implementation of joint actions for the benefit of rail services to passengers and businesses was signed on Friday 1st July 2022, by the President of Hellenic Train Mr. Dario Lo Bosco, the CEO of Hellenic Train Mr. Maurizio Capotorto and the President & CEO of the Hellenic Railway Organization (OSE), Mr. Spyridon Pateras.

Through this memorandum, the two companies, OSE and Hellenic Train, agreed to cooperate in the study and preparation of solutions related to two key strategic areas: improving the passenger experience and improving rail safety.

The Memorandum which was signed also has a scientific value, as it aims to implement new conditions of the "train - rail network" set in Greece, where optimal on - condition systems will be applied.

The companies' aim is to modernise the infrastructure to provide excellent service to passengers, with particular emphasis on people with reduced mobility, as well as to upgrade telecommunication services through smart ticketing systems, and to offer connectivity services (Wi-Fi).

This cooperation also aims at a better and more efficient response to emergencies through the interconnection of the control centres of the two companies and a scientific approach to the joint management of rail and rolling stock wear on the railway network.