Research and Development

Rail Hub Cities for South East Europe

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The challenge project partners face is the development of models, concepts, measures, harmonized strategies and policy actions focusing on the improvement of rail and intermodal transport in Southeast Europe. What becomes apparent is the need for interventions towards the alleviation of barriers for rail hubs’ integration in the local, regional, transnational and TEN-T systems, by interconnecting the services and information provided to the audience. The project will propose ways to address the challenges in the transnational rail connectivity in Southeast Europe. It will identify non-infrastructural interventions aimed at integrating cities into transnational transport corridors, mainly through the use of train, but also by developing multimodal cooperation among the major hub-cities & their respective regions and metropolitan contexts.

The project’s activities are oriented to the long term sustainability of the project’s results from a political, financial and operational point of view, as the project directly involves the core decision makers in public or multimodal passenger transportation and through public or of public nature investments, mainly in infrastructures. In this context the main visible outcomes of the project will be improvements in policy & investments, pilot actions on integrated ticketing & information systems for transport users, the set up of regional & transnational cooperation platforms and improved rail services in Southeast Europe.

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