The old station of Piraeus

The old train station of Piraeus is a building of great architectural, historical and social importance for its city. Located within the limits of the port, just beside the church of St Dionysios, it was considered a very advanced technical project for its time. Its construction was completed in the late 19th century and it was part of Prime-Minister Trikoupis’ vision to connect the Greek capital with Northern Greece and Europe.

An impressive building made of stone, the station features a central two-storey structure flanked by two one-storey wings and accompanied by a large shed, docks and railways at its back. The complex is located in an area measuring 17 acres.

The station operated for an entire century -from 1904 until 2004- and became known as the “station of migration” as it was the point of departure for many disadvantaged Greeks who sought a more tolerable life in Northern Europe.

Because of its location and architecture, in 2004 it was designated as a monument by the Central Council of Modern Monuments. A renovation project began on the occasion of the Olympic Games, but as it was completed after the Games the train-station was not used ever again.

Nowadays the station has been leased to the Municipality of Piraeus, which is planning to create on the premises a museum dedicated to the rebetiko song, a cultural center, a park as well as bike-paths along the old railways.

Ο παλιός σταθμός του Πειραιά