Train Diaries

In a railway carriage with Marina Vernicos

Η οικογένεια της Μαρίνας Βερνίκου

Trains, train rides and people who love both. A confession.


Having studied Communication, Photography and Business Administration, Marina Vernicos has a brilliant career since 2001, including individual and group exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums around the world. The award winning photographer has gained international acclaim by working in grand projects for some of the world’s largest companies; while she has published 6 books and created the Marina Vernicos Collection of unique accessories, jewelry and clothes. She has also founded CREAID, a non-profit organisation with a targeted humanitarian mandate, which allocates part of her brand sales revenue to the financial support of the “We dive, We clean” group, an initiative of volunteer divers carrying out underwater clean-up dives in Greece. Vernicos is the wife of Cypriot businessman Miltos Kambourides and a mother of three.


Successful businesswoman, photographer and philanthropist who has become a regular globetrotter; dynamic and passionate with her work, Marina Vernicos channels all her energy into creating art projects and helping people. Therefore, CREAID is based on those fundamental principles, focusing on providing humanitarian aid through creative and artistic initiatives such as “Haute Couture Collection” that aims at exhibiting and auctioning off haute couture products and limited edition items, donated by Greek and international supporters from around the world. Her love of traveling and her endless passion for photography are reflected on the thousands of photographs that her lens has captured, highlighting her unique artistic perspective. For Vernicos, every journey is an inspiration for creative ideas, especially in a journey by train.


Which one of your train journeys is the most memorable?

I traveled in India by train with my family. We took the train from Sawai Madhopur to the city of Bharatpur in order to get to Agra, the “pearl of Hindustan”. Our journey lasted 3 hours. Although the train was extremely old, we witnessed such unprecedented beauty everywhere: the passengers, the landscapes; everything was from an era lost in time.


What do you enjoy in a train journey?

The contact with people, combined with the fact that you may sit on your seat and be isolated and let yourself get “lost” by gazing at the beauty out your window as the train travels. Although train is one of the oldest transportation means in the world, it remains charming and beautiful in its own old-fashioned and traditional way.


What advice would you give to someone who travels frequently?

Be “open” to new challenges, cultures, and experiences. Travelling is an unforgettable life lesson.


How do journeys affect your work?


In the most absolute way. Journey is undoubtedly a constant source of inspiration. During every journey, I take lots of photographs. Later, I choose along with my team those that can become a unique fashion print for the Marina Vernicos Collection. The collection is innovative, since we blend fashion trends with the “spirit” of my photographs in every dress, pair of shorts, t-shirt, top, caftan dress, kimono, swimsuit, espadrilles, backpack and handbag.


What is the meaning of journeys for you?

I’m a lover of traveling and that’s one of the most fascinating parts in my life. So far I have traveled to 127 countries and I hope that number will keep growing, since journeys are real cultural and spiritual wealth for every age.




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